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Survey Stats can give you direct feedback on any service rendered, and your customers a quick survey they will love!
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The online survey that can give you direct feedback on any service rendered, and your customers a quick survey they will love!
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Let’s face it, no one wants to go through a long survey with a ton of questions. But the reality is that customer feedback will always help you improve customer service. What you need is a targeted, integrable, quick survey system…

Our system will give you direct customer feedback on any service rendered, and your customers a quick survey. This opens a direct line of communication to you. Send a survey request to your customers, and within minutes you have the power to know exactly what your customers think of your service. The good the bad, and the ugly!

We offer a flexible online survey system that can work from anywhere with any device. Most importantly, it is a white label system that can integrate with existing systems and your corporate identity. Have real customer feedback at your disposal that can be analysed, integrated and exported. You can even import existing data.

How It Works

Interactive Charts

Interactive Charts

Built on top of Google Charts API, you are able to graphicly see your feedback data on fully interactive charts.
Integrable System

White Label Integration

You can relax, because we can integrate with your existing survey systems and even your corporate identity.
Quick Survey

Quick Survey

We handled the complexities in our system and gave your customers a quick survey they will love to do. The proof is in the pudding!

Improve Customer Service

The dashboard will give you survey averages and give you a clearer picture of problem areas in your service departments, to help improve customer service.

Take our free survey demo to see how it works, we only need your name and number, we won’t spam you unless you ask us too. Improve customer service today and see how your customers are being treated.

With an integrated SMS Platform built in, you can simply send a personalized sms that will include a survey completion link. Your customer can simply choose whether or not they want to complete it. If they don’t, you will also see this as a void result. This gives you the power to know exactly what people think of your service. Have direct and real feedback at your disposal, displayed on easy to read, interactive charts.

Responsive Design

Mobile first design means you are able to view it on any device anywhere you have internet.

Custom Integration

We can integrate with any existing survey sytems your company is currently using.

Secure Data

Your data is save, with integrated ASP.NET security in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Services.

Improve Customer Service

Correct behavior by honing in on problem areas, and never lose another paying customer again.

Quick Results

Using the latest in technology, you are able to see results within minutes.

Gorgeous Design

A clean and simple designed dashboard with a step by step system for easy setup.

Integrated Messaging

Using our own SMS Platform, you are able to send bulk messages and customize the content of the message.

White Label

We can also incorporate your corporate identity to create a look and feel you know and love.

Dynamic Data

You are capable of dynamicly exporting your survey data or even import exisitng surveys on demand.

Customer Comments

Customers are able to voice there concerns, espesially after a bad experience.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Please feel free to take our free survey demo, we just need a little information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my current system integrate with Survey Stats?
Survey Stats can be used as a standalone product or we can even White Label the system for you should you want your company branding on it or you would like to resell it.
Why is this the quickest survey your customer will ever do?
We believe in keeping things simple by using only 5 questions to build a dynamic report to show you the most information with the least amount of effort.
Where does my client go to complete a survey?
We use our very own messaging platform to send out a SMS that has the dynamic link to the survey as well as a brief description. As an administrator, you can do this setup beforehand.
What questions can we ask?
A question can either be setup as a rating from 0 to 10, or as a text response where the customer must provide an actual descriptive response without a rating. It really depends on what is needed.
Can the SMS be customized?
Yes. The SMS can be customized to add a personalized touch with your customers details. Text needs to be custom set for each customer group survey.
Can I Import existing survey data to be viewed on the dashboard?
Yes. If you have previously run a survey which was not done through Survey Stats, then you can import that data via an Excel file so that it can be viewed graphically on via the graphs on the dashboard.
Why use SMS based surveys?
It’s instant feedback, as soon as the service is completed. In practice an email gets lost, especially during work hours. A SMS goes directly to your customers phone.

Plans & Pricing

For a more detailed description and a walkthrough on how Survey Stats will help you improve customer service, please contact us on the form or at the contact details provided. The team at Information Kinetics, that develops and maintains Survey Stats will be happy to help.

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